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Testimonials for Dental Practice Sales

It is indeed with great pleasure that I write this testimonial to Arthur Gordon of Northeast Dental Counseling. A good friend who also used Arthur's services referred me to him. Arthur listened to my instructions and requests and he took into consideration my strengths and weaknesses as he searched for a practice he felt was most suitable for me.
From our first meeting to the selection of the practice and through the closing I found Arthur to be very professional, honest and extremely knowledgeable. Although he represented the seller, I had complete faith in his judgment and I was positive that if he thought the deal would not be suitable for me he would inform me. Almost a year later and having taken one of the biggest steps in my life, I reflect upon it and I feel very fortunate that Arthur was the person I selected who helped me through the process.

Faheem Rasool - Brookline, MA

My good fortune has had everything to do with Arthur's unstoppable hard work and dedication to getting the deal done. I simply made a call to Arthur, answered a few questions on where, what size and what type of practice I wanted and he supplied me with the options. As Arthur said to me, he wanted to do everything to insure my success because ultimately everyone would win - me, him and the selling dentist who, by the way, pays Arthur's commission out of the selling price of the practice.
When you meet Arthur you may say, now here is a wheeler and dealer. And he is because he has to be. He knows his stuff inside and out and more importantly EVERYONE knows him, form the area dentists to the national banks that fund the sale of dental practices. He referred me to a list of attorneys and accountants, and the ones I chose were absolutely outstanding and dedicated to my success. In one of our meetings I asked Arthur why he was so concerned with my success and he simply said "my success depends upon your referral of others to me" and I am.

Kevin P. Mischley, D.M.D. - Walpole, MA

Dear Arthur,
Words cannot express how truly happy I am! It is so exciting to finally find the right location, practice site and potential to be very successful! Thank you for all your expertise in this venture. I am working long days to get this practice up and running to my expectations. Come by and visit when you are in the area.

Forever Grateful, Jim Sorrento, D.M.D. - Ipswich, MA

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